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Coffee With Jesus Podcast, Season 2 was launched on August 23rd, 2021. Trailer and episodes are below. Scroll down for your favorite episodes (Newest Episodes are at the top).

S2, Ep. 24: When Things Don’t Make Sense

      Indignation. Disappointment. Frustration. How do we make sense of things when nothing around us seems to make any sense? Sometimes the weight of discouragement and frustration is so heavy that it makes us feel disappointed, angry, or anxious. In this episode of Coffee With Jesus, Todd and special guest-host Yilda Rivera take us […]

S2, Ep. 23: What, Me Worry?

      Worry and anxiety work together to conspire against us. These take our sight away from our Maker and steal our peace. So, how can we overcome worry and anxiety when we are surrounded by uncertainty and shaky ground? In this episode of Coffee With Jesus, our host Todd goes to Matthew 6:25-34. He […]

S2, Ep. 22: A Scar, a Smile, a Song

      Sometimes songs transport us to moments in life. Other times, they keep speaking to us through the life journey itself.  In this episode of Coffee With Jesus, our host, Sara, shares her story and a song that God used to remind her of His purpose and ever-flowing hope amid tears, hurt, and prayers […]

Special Episode: Memorial Day 2022

      In this Special Episode of Coffee With Jesus, Todd Uebele delivers a short Memorial Day Message, urging everyone to remember what the day is about. Brought to you by Coffee With Jesus Ministries. Background music: Memories by One Voice Childrens Choir (Music use is authorized, but ads for One Voice Childrens Choir may appear in the […]

S2, Ep. 21: How Do We Hear God?

      Picture this: you are alone in a quiet house. You head to your go to devotional spot. You close your eyes and start to pray… Suddenly, bedlam erupts in your brain. How do you still the noise? How can you hear God in the cacophony? In this episode of Coffee With Jesus, our […]

Special Episode: Does God Care?

        Margie sat emotionally with tears streaming down her face as she was unaware of the several hundred others that also sat around her. Margie was one of many that were there for a Grief Share Meeting. As she wiped the tears from her eyes, trying to act as if all was okay, […]

S2, Ep. 20: Rain or Rockets, God is There

      It happened right after breakfast. A thundering and loud BOOM shook a military base in Afghanistan. There was dust everywhere, like that of an enraged sandstorm. Shattered buildings, walls caved in, and a video revealed the story of how 1,500 pounds of high explosives threatened the lives of those in the military base. […]

S2, Ep. 19: What is YOUR Christian Journey?

      If someone asks you, “What is your Christian journey?” Would you have a response? In this episode of Coffee With Jesus, our guest Sarah Tyler shares her story—a journey from walking in fear and bondage to living in hope and freedom. Sara narrates how she grew up in a controlling household, forbidden to […]

Special Episode: How Do We Get Through the Storm?

      You WILL get through the storm you are facing. In light of everything happening in the world today, we KNOW God will carry us through. He calmed the storms on the sea, He can calm the storms of our life. He promises us peace in Philippians 4:6-7.  We know we will come through […]

S2, Ep. 18: Give it Up! (Lent 2022)

      Did you find the plastic baby in the King Cake this year? King Cakes, parades, parties and celebrations. People love to talk about Mardi Gras, but when it comes to Ash Wednesday and Lent, the conversation tends to die down. Penitence is kind of a downer. Sacrifice is hard.  But neither have to […]

Special Episode: What’s Going On?

      Does it seem like the world’s gone mad? Food shortage! War! Armageddon! Inflation! What in the world is going on??? In this special episode of Coffee With Jesus, our host seeks to offer hope and reassurance in a world seemingly gone mad. Join us as he compares our present to certain points in […]

S2, Ep. 17: How Do You Stop All-Consuming Anxiety?

      The amount of constant decision-making we have to do every day is insane. It is aggravated by the things occurring in the world around us—things that we have no control of whatsoever. The worry we felt yesterday may have increased to stress today, and by tomorrow, anxiety may be taking over. So, how […]

S2, Ep. 16: True Tithing: Giving or Helping Others?

      You’re sitting in the pew. There is an usher standing on either side. Then you see it…the offering plate. How much should you put in? What if you don’t carry cash? Do you write a check? Who uses checks anymore? While countless sermons have been preached on tithing, our host has some rather […]

Special Episode: It’s Going to Be OK

      They year 2022 is proving to be even crazier and more stressful than both 2020 and 2021. It feels like the craziness and the anxiety will never end.  The pandemic is still going on, food and gas prices are through the roof and the threat of nuclear war is hanging over our heads […]

S2, Ep 15: Be Still, Part 2: “God Help!”

      Do you have trouble being still? Is it difficult for you to quiet the chaos and draw close to God This sequence of words may not be very appealing: “Be still, and know…” (Psalm 46:10) First, being still is not as easy as it sounds. Second, we want to keep moving…discovering, knowing what […]

S2, Ep 14: Be Still, Part 1: I Am

      Do you have trouble being still? Is it difficult for you to quiet the chaos and draw close to God? The words “be still” are probably two of the most important words in the Bible, but they are also some of the most difficult to follow. In this episode of Coffee With Jesus, […]

S2, Ep 13: Our Ever-present Help in Trouble

      Sometimes we go through stressful and difficult times that we find ourselves trapped in a whirlwind with no idea how everything will turn out. It is hard to see God’s helping hand because everything is out of control, crumbling around us. How can we be sure that God will always come through and […]

S2, Ep. 12: The Ministry of Presence – The Call of Chaplains

      It’s been almost three hours, and a murder victim still lays on the street in Kansas City. Two investigators are taking pictures from every angle. A crew is mounting laser scanners in tripods to record images to build a 3D photographic model of the scene. In a corner, there’s a grieving family in […]

S2, Ep. 11: Do Christians REALLY Need to Go to Church?

      Do Christians need to go to church? Our host will address a burning issue in the 21st century: Do Christians REALLY need to go to Church? We could share many opinions about this matter. But, does the Bible say anything about it? “Not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit […]

S2, Ep. 10: The Gift of Christmas

      What does Christmas mean to you? Countless movies have explored this question. Countless sermons have been preached on this question. Countless Bible Studies have been conducted on this question, but what does Christmas mean to YOU? In The Gift of Christmas, our Host, Ms. Yilda Rivera and her Co-Host, Todd Uebele, discuss what […]

S2, Ep. 9: Why Does God Allow Bad Things to Happen?

      If God is an all-powerful God… Why does God allow bad things to happen? Yes. Our God is powerful, omniscient, and omnipresent. He can stop the rain. However, sometimes God allows the rain to continue. But why? Why would God allow his people to go through storms? Listen to this episode to find […]

S2, Ep. 7/8: God Meets You Where You Are, Parts 1 and 2

       “You never know Jesus is all you need until Jesus is all you have,”—Special Guest, Michele Dalton.  Many see resilience as power from within. But after two major accidents that threatened her life, our guest, Michele Dalton, will show you how resilience is power from above when God meets you where you are.  […]

S2, Ep. 6: Are We in the End Times?

      Are we in the end times?   Join us as our host, Todd Uebele, guides us through this topic introducing the different schools of interpretation for Biblical eschatology. Then he takes us to Matthew 24:14-23 and Revelation 6:6. He then provides two key pointers to help us determine if we are in the […]

S2, Ep. 5: Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?

      Every year, the same question gets asked. Every year, the same debate rages: Should Christians Celebrate Halloween? Join us as host Todd Uebele explains the history behind Halloween and it’s traditions. Comparing it to other Holidays, such as Christmas and Easter, he addresses the pagan customs and the origins of this widely celebrated […]

S2, Ep. 4: God on the Fly

      How does fly fishing relate to our life in Christ? Join us in God on the Fly, as our hosts Rick and Sarah reflect on what fly fishing taught them about God and loving others. The serenity they experience in fly fishing allows them to connect with the majesty of God, and the […]

S2, Ep 3: Flying Free

      How can we taste God’s comfort amid anxiety, depression, and pain? In Fly Away Free, our host interviews a very special guest; Ruth Fanshaw, poet, and author of the book Fly Away Free, Poems for Pilgrim Hearts. She has a neuroimmune condition and shares how in two occasions she battled anxiety, depression, and […]

Special Episode: 9/11 – Never Forget

      Please join Coffee With Jesus for a few moments as we commemorate the 20th Anniversary of 9/11. Audio is from a video recorded outside. For the full video, please see our YouTube channel. Podcast Host: Todd Uebele

S2, Ep 2: How to Recover From Rock Bottom, Part 2

      Just when you thought it was safe to release a podcast… We’re gonna need a bigger mic… Soon after releasing the first episode of Season 2, world events caused our host, Todd Uebele, to experience the same flood of negative emotions that he talked about in the newly released podcast episode. He struggled […]

S2, Ep 1: How to Recover From Rock Bottom

      Do you ever feel like God isn’t with you? Sometimes, when going through life’s storms, it can be hard to feel God’s presence. However, He has promised to never leave us or forsake us. When you have hit Rock Bottom, it can seem like God has left you, but our Lord will NEVER […]

S2, Trailer: We’re Back! Season 2, A New Day

      Do you have burning questions that you would like to see answered? Are there certain topics in the Bible that you would like to see explored? Then you’re in luck! That’s right, we’re back! Season 2 of Coffee With Jesus Premiers on 23 August, 2021! The format of the second season will change […]