Todd Uebele


Todd Uebele is a soldier, a sailor, an engineer, a writer and a podcaster!

Has been on active duty with both the Navy and the Army. Serving in Japan and Afghanistan. He has also worked as a contractor to the Air Force in Qatar.

Todd was also an Elder at Eastminster Presbyterian Church and author of “Coffee With Jesus.” He founded Coffee With Jesus Ministries in the hopes of spreading comfort throughout the Body of Christ. Check out his website to learn more!

Yilda Rivera


Yilda Rivera is a freelance B2B copywriter, web copy specialist, author, and a technical writer/editor. She helps companies and organizations write engaging content and web copy to connect with their audience.

Yilda is also a breast cancer survivor. As a result of that cancer journey, she wrote “Courage Under Fire” (Valentía en la Batalla, Spanish version).

The purpose of her book is to encourage those going through adversity to find hope and strength through the knowledge of the Lord.

SAra van Driel


Sara van Driel is a clinical-community psychologist with a passion for ensuring that every child has the
opportunity to thrive, families enjoy their daily lives, that communities come together to support each other, and that we all get to be the “me’s” that God uniquely created us to be.

Sara works with communities across the US in scaling evidence-based, population-level parenting supports, learns every day from her beautiful daughter, and is an active member at Eastminster Presbyterian Church, where she has also served as an elder.

Mo’Tolani abike adewole

Spiritual Leader/

Mo’Tolani Abike Adewole is a strong prophetic voice to our generation. A passionate lover of Jesus Christ and His Bride, she has a mandate to wake up God’s sleeping giants.

For over three decades, she helps individuals and ministry leaders remain relevant in their God given assignment, teaching that true repentance is the way of power to finish the great commission. She serves as  apostolic lead at The WellXP International and Sisterhood global, an online community where Holy Spirit is transforming lives daily.

Ruth FanShaw


Ruth Fanshaw has been a committed Christian since 1990, and her faith is the bedrock of her life. She has been writing poetry for nearly four decades, and her first book release, Flying Free – Poems for Pilgrim Hearts, has garnered five Readers’ Favorite five star reviews. 

Ruth has a neuro-immune condition called M.E. (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) and has navigated two breakdowns and many bouts of anxiety and depression. Living with these illnesses has challenged her in her walk with God, yet also helped her to experience his love on a deeper level.

Sarah Tyler


Sarah Tyler lives in the Ozarks, an area of fields and streams, with her husband of 56 years. Has 2 grown sons, one grandson.

Sarah is active in her church, sings in the choir, and loves her ministry in the prayer group.

She has always felt the need to bring out the greatest potential of all she becomes involved with.

She has been a Real Estate broker for 25 + years but writing to encourage others and spreading God’s good, good news has become her first priority.