Coffee With Jesus Ministries also included devotional books. These books are designed to aid you in your spiritual walk. Each book contains 8 weeks worth of meaty devotionals. They are short enough to do over your morning coffee and filling enough to help you grow in our walk!

Check out the specific pages for the first book and The Second Cup!



Courage Under Fire provides a road map of how to reclaim your life in the face of a life-threatening illness, with ways to cope with constant changing circumstances-from relationships with family and friends to the way you see yourself.  [See more]

When you don’t know any difference you find yourself living like there is no tomorrow, until you meet the Great I Am! Sarah shares her personal journey of hardships and blessings in these       writings. [See more]



Sarah Tyler is now sharing the most viewed and loved encouraging blogs from her website subscribers in FROM MY HEART, I Give You Jesus. [See more]

A compelling true story written to help others through their grief, after a loved one takes their own life. [See more]