The Story of Coffee With Jesus

TLDR: Check out a brief Timeline of our history!

Coffee With Jesus traces its roots all the way back to 2004, when Todd Uebele wrote a short devotional book called, “Walking With Christ.” This book was a four week long daily devotional. Todd printed up the book and bound it himself at a local Kinkos print store and sold copies through his own personal website.

Soon after printing up his own devotional book, Todd started an email newsletter called “And These Three Remain.” The newsletter would soon become the official newsletter of One Body Ministries International.

Then, in 2006, with the advent of Print on Demand, Todd Uebele updated and re-published Walking With Christ. This edition contained two more weeks of devotions and was again sold independently by Todd through his own personal website.

Soon after the book’s publication, Todd was recalled to active duty with the U.S. Navy. Writing and publishing was put on hold for a few years while Todd served his nation for the second time.

After Todd returned from his second tour in the Navy, he co-founded One Body Press.  One Body Press was a part of One Body Ministries International. In 2011, One Body Press published the Second edition of Todd’s devotional book. This edition was renamed “Coffee With Jesus,” and contained 8 weeks worth of daily devotionals.  This book was a steady performer and in 2019, One Body Press released the Third Edition.  

With the advent of Social Media, Coffee With Jesus went online. It established its own Facebook page to reach new audiences.

When 2020 started, the world was shoved into a panic. Multiple calamities, including disease, massive fires, murder hornets, and more caused unprecedented levels of stress and anxiety. In June of 2020, Todd felt the call to produce and release a video to help comfort his brothers and sisters in Christ. Todd’s initial reaction was the same as Moses and Jonah. He was nervous and unwilling.

Eventually, Todd listened to God’s call and produced a short video, releasing it on the Coffee With Jesus Facebook page. The response was overwhelming and Todd quickly discovered a tremendous hunger for comfort and encouragement. In August, Todd felt called by God to start a podcast. This time, he dove right in and released the first episode, Hope Springs Eternal, on 23 August, 2020.

As 2021 continued, so did the hunger for comfort and encouragement. Todd released 17 full episodes of his podcast and wrapped things up.  Then he felt called to continue with the podcast. The first episode of the second season was released on 23 August, 2021. Shortly into the second season of the podcast, Todd felt called to start a ministry. 

Coffee With Jesus Ministries was established in September, 2021. The ministry is devoted to spreading hope, comfort and encouragement throughout the Body of Christ.

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