Bonus Episode Season 4

Special: Be Prepared!




The motto of the Boy Scouts of America is, “Be Prepared!”

This motto can apply to every day life in both a terrestrial and spiritual sense. As Christians we should be prepared for what we will be facing in the world.

This episode will not be your typical episode of Coffee With Jesus. Drawing inspiration from the prophet Habakkuk, our host will share how it is important to prepare for what may be coming, as well as how important it is to hold on to God’s promise to always be with us.

Listen to this episode and know that when calamity strikes, whether on a national/global level or on a more personal level, God will take care of you. God will be with you, provide for you and help you through the storm.

Special thank you to Al Maxy for allowing us to use his parts of his Reflections  (Issue #868) in this episode.

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Podcast Host: Todd Uebele