Season 4

S4, Ep. 1: How to Recover From Rock Bottom, Part 3




Do you ever feel like God isn’t with you? Sometimes, when going through life’s storms, it can be hard to feel God’s presence. However, He has promised to never leave us or forsake us. When you have hit Rock Bottom, it can seem like God has left you, but our Lord will NEVER abandon you.

Join us for the inaugural episode of our fourth season and listen as our host shares with you real, practical steps that you can take to turn over your fear, your anxiety, your downcastness, to God. Todd shares how God helped him recover from rock bottom when he was recently overwhelmed by life events. 

Those events, threatened to cause a downward spiral in his emotional well-being. However, by trusting in God, he was not only able to overcome the negative emotions that had threated to overwhelm him, but he was also able to help others as well. Our host not only shares his struggles, but shares how we can use our struggles to help others.

His testimony will show you how God can help YOU recover from rock bottom as well.

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Podcast Host: Todd Uebele