Season 4

S4, Ep. 17: Is it ok to Have Questions?




Sara and her family moved 14 states north. They were committed to the new plan. Sold a house, bought another one, moved the whole family and all their belongings… But 2023 was not the year they had planned.

How do you manage the overwhelming internal questioning when things don’t work out as planned? Questions such as, how do we not know? Why didn’t we take it slower? What was it about me that made it not work? What will everyone think?

In this episode, our Host, Sara takes us into her story of the last year and the logistical, financial, social, and emotional decisions she and her family had to face. How did she and her family manage the struggles and the looming questions without breaking them apart?

Listen to this episode to learn two core beliefs that helped her endure and reconcile the tough internal questioning. Know that having questions is okay. Click on the link and see how you can find hope and peace to take the next step amid an energy-draining uncertainty.


Podcast Host: Sara Van Driel
Description By: Yilda Rivera

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