Season 1

S1, Ep. 16: God, Our Protector



How can we receive encouragement through hard times? Specifically in moments and situations when everything seems to be spinning out of control.

Psalm 91 calls us to dwell in the shelter of the Most High. It reminds us that we can take refuge in the Lord’s presence. In summary, it reminds us that our Lord is with us and protects us…even if we are unaware of the danger around us.

In God, Our Protector, Todd shares three different moments in his life where God protected his life. Two of those events happened when he was stationed in Afghanistan, and the other event happened as recently as a few weeks ago in Qatar. Listen to how in every one of these events, God extended his magnificent hand to guard Todd and those who were with him.

Listen now to this encouraging and uplifting episode. Discover God’s promises in Psalm 91, and be reassured and comforted by God, who loves you and protects you. Listen to those three stories as well to see the promises of Psalm 91 unfolding. God is with you and protects you. Hang in there; trust the Lord.

Do you have any story of how God protected you? Connect with us and let us know.

Description by: Yilda Rivera
Podcast Host: Todd Uebele