Season 1

S1, Ep. 15: God is STILL in the Details



Do you tend to worry about every little thing? When facing a challenge, does your mind automatically think of the worst outcomes?

In this episode, host Todd Uebele shares the challenges he faced during a recent life changing event. Not only changing jobs, but moving to the other side of the world presented a host obstacles to overcome.

Todd has talked about how God is in the details before, and taking his own advice, he decided to trust in the Lord to handle the small things and the big things. He challenged himself to trust God through through every step and through every obstacle. He asked God to be in the details.

By giving it up to God and trusting HIM, Todd was able to see that God in still the details. He was able to see how throughout the whole process and transition, God was taking care of him. When things went smooth, God was in the details. Where there were bumps in the road, God was in the details.

God is still in the details even when it seems that the problems coming your way will never end. Even when it seems that the storms raging around you will go on and on. God is your anchor in the storm. He will take care of you.

Todd’s story will encourage you to trust that God will take care of you and that He will carry you through any challenge and help you overcome any obstacle.

Description by: Yilda Rivera
Podcast Host: Todd Uebele