Season 2

S2, Ep 2: How to Recover From Rock Bottom, Part 2



Just when you thought it was safe to release a podcast…

We’re gonna need a bigger mic…

Soon after releasing the first episode of Season 2, world events caused our host, Todd Uebele, to experience the same flood of negative emotions that he talked about in the newly released podcast episode. He struggled with feelings of guilt, betrayal, anxiety and anger.

The horrible events and negative emotions brought on by those world events, threated to cause a downward spiral in Todd’s emotional well-being. However, by trusting in God, he was not only able to overcome the negative emotions that had threated to overwhelm him, but he was also able to help others as well.

Join us in “How to Recover From Rock Bottom, Part 2” as Todd not only shares his struggles, but shares how we can use our struggles to help others.

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Podcast Host: Todd Uebele