Coffee With Jesus Goes Live!

Coffee With Jesus Goes Live!


Coffee With Jesus Ministries grew out of a desire to bring hope and comfort to those in need.

It started with a devotional book, then a Facebook page. Initially, the page was created to help promote and sell the devotional book. However, when 2020 rolled around, everything changed. People were struggling, filled with anxiety, wondering if the end would ever be in sight.

It was thought we could use the page to help encourage and uplift our brothers and sisters in Christ. It started by sharing encouraging devotions, scriptures and memes, but it eventually turned into a podcast.

Then, in 2021, it was decided to form a ministry around the devotions, social media and the podcast. The entire purpose of the podcast and the ministry it to encourage and uplift others. 

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“It took a little more time than we had anticipated, but we finally went live with our website! This is a very exciting time for us.” – Todd Uebele