Season 2

S2, Ep 14: Be Still, Part 1: I Am



Do you have trouble being still? Is it difficult for you to quiet the chaos and draw close to God?

The words “be still” are probably two of the most important words in the Bible, but they are also some of the most difficult to follow. In this episode of Coffee With Jesus, Co-hosts Todd Uebele and Sara van Driel share some practical ways to “be still” before God. They will not only share their own struggles with being still, but they will also share ways they have found to overcome and to simply “be.”

They will share the importance of connecting with God and connecting with His Will.

In this episode, our hosts discuss how being still is related to our submission and God’s authority. They will share some helpful resources for those who also struggle in their walk, those to struggle to “Be Still.”

Listen to the episode to learn about some practical ways and resources to guide you in your walk, to grow in your relationship with Our Father, and how to be still.

Podcast Host: Todd Uebele
Podcast Co-host: Sara Van Driel
Description by: Todd Uebele

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