Season 2

S2, Ep. 16: True Tithing: Giving or Helping Others?



You’re sitting in the pew. There is an usher standing on either side. Then you see it…the offering plate. How much should you put in? What if you don’t carry cash? Do you write a check? Who uses checks anymore?

While countless sermons have been preached on tithing, our host has some rather unorthodox views on the topic.

Is tithing really about putting money in an offering plate or is there something more to it?

You’ve heard it all before: “God loves a cheerful giver!” “Give and you’ll be blessed beyond measure!” “Giving to the church is one of God’s commands!” What you may not have heard is the real reason God encourages us to give and what tithing truly means: providing HOPE to others.

In this episode of Coffee With Jesus, we look to the Bible to discover the history of tithing, from Abraham to the early church. Through biblical study and biblical example, we’ll discover what most sermons leave out: the true purpose behind our giving.

Podcast Host: Todd Uebele