Season 2

S2, Ep. 19: What is YOUR Christian Journey?



If someone asks you, “What is your Christian journey?” Would you have a response?

In this episode of Coffee With Jesus, our guest Sarah Tyler shares her story—a journey from walking in fear and bondage to living in hope and freedom. Sara narrates how she grew up in a controlling household, forbidden to have friends or go to church.

How could a caged little bird turn into a freed and joyful mockingbird that would never cease singing?

Something happened one night in 1969 that transformed her fear into a never-ending joy. What happened in her life that changed the course of her journey? Why does she live now with a loving urgency to share her journey of true joy, hope, and confidence everywhere she goes?

Listen to this episode to know what changed Sarah’s life. Through her story, you will see how God brought blessing in the midst of her struggles and filled her with peace. Be encouraged to learn that in the same way God clothed her with His presence, He can embrace you and take you by the hand.

This episode invites us to reflect on our Christian journey. Listen to Sarah’s story to learn how you can share your journey and bring encouragement to others.

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Podcast Host: Todd Uebele
Special Guest: Sarah Tyler
Description by: Yilda Rivera