Season 2

S2, Ep. 22: A Scar, a Smile, a Song



Sometimes songs transport us to moments in life. Other times, they keep speaking to us through the life journey itself. 

In this episode of Coffee With Jesus, our host, Sara, shares her story and a song that God used to remind her of His purpose and ever-flowing hope amid tears, hurt, and prayers from the deep. Going through a health condition that shattered her dreams of having more kids, lifesaving transfusions, surgery, and further surgery complications, Sara found peace and strength.

Listen to this episode to know how a scar that once reminded Sara of shattered dreams and traumatic health events turned into a smile (from a little girl’s perspective). 

Sara delivers a bold message of hope through her desire to humbly open her heart. It is no coincidence, as she shared, that when she wrote this episode, the Uvalde shooting occurred. So, we invite you to find hope in this episode and join us in her heartfelt prayer for the Uvalde community.

Podcast Host: Sara van Driel
Description By: Yilda Rivera