Season 3

S3, Ep. 2: When Having Hope is Hard



Hope is a precious commodity. Hope can keep us going when times are rough, but how do we keep that hope when the tough times seem to never end? How can we maintain hope in the storm when the storm continues to rage?

In this episode of Coffee With Jesus, our host shares how he maintained hope during a recent bout with Covid. He discusses four ways that helped him keep hope alive during the height of his pain, during the height of his symptoms. He then shares how we can use those same methods to maintain hope when the world is going crazy.

Whether it is an individual battle, or a worldwide event, hope is always there. Listen as our host shares what worked for him during while he was sick, while the symptom seemed like they would never end.  He shares his experience in the hope that it will work for you during your storm.

Hope is precious, but it can be hard to keep. Follow along as we share how to keep hope alive, and then you too can have hope, even when having hope is hard.

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Podcast Host: Todd Uebele