Season 3

S3, Ep. 9: Who Do I Think I am?



How can someone with low self-image, low self-confidence…someone who does not consider himself a ‘good person’, possibly think he deserves to serve God?

Spoiler Alert: He doesn’t deserve to serve God.

Extra Spoiler Alert: Nobody deserves to serve God.

In this episode of Coffee With Jesus, our host shares some of his faults, demonstrates how while he does not consider himself a good person nor has a lot of charisma or self-esteem, yet somehow, for some reason, God has placed a call on his life. Listen as our host shares examples from his own life, as well as examples from the Bible, and shows how anyone can be called by God to serve the Great I AM.

Be encouraged and know that no matter what level your self-esteem may be at, and no matter how good or not good you consider yourself, God can use YOU. God has a plan for YOUR life. God can and will use you to further His Will.

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CORRECTION: In this episode, towards the end, our host gives and incorrect email address. Please use to send us your thoughts and comments.

Podcast host: Todd Uebele 
Description by: Todd Uebele