Season 4

S4, Ep. 10: Witnessing God’s Power




On 2 March 2023, Yilda Rivera was rushed to the hospital with stroke-like symptoms. Her vision went blurry, and everything was spinning. Yilda lost the ability to speak, and her right side was not responding. On the way to the hospital, her throat started to close, and she found herself gasping for air.

While she was barely able to speak, she told her husband, “Activate Army of God.” 

Listen to this episode and learn how that Army of God, those prayer warriors in different small life groups, and her immediate Christian community engaged to witness God’s power in action. Yilda shares her testimony of that fateful day and the difficult months that followed. While telling her story, she speaks about how life groups are another way to experience the fullness of God through one another. 

How did she find the strength to overcome neurological issues and experience the power of God through close community with other believers? Listen to this episode to hear her story and learn three tremendous benefits of life in groups.


Podcast Host: Todd Uebele
Special Guest: Yilda Rivera
Description by: Todd Uebele

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