Season 4

S4, Ep. 11: In Our Father’s Arms




Artic blast! 30 year snow storm! And no lights…

What do a young toddler learning to ice skate, a complicated move back to college and a record winter event have in common?

To answer this question, our host talks about what he saw and experienced in three separate instances when pain, distress, and anxiety collided. He shares a constant of what those involved in these three situations did.  

Our host had no lights and had to venture out into the snow and ice. While his fall was metaphorical, he reached out to His Heavenly Father. A loving Father who cares and provides beyond what we think we need.

Listen as our host shares stories of recent events that had him reaching out to our Father in Heaven. Learn how to reach out to the Lord when you fall, and rest safe and secure in our Father’s arms.


Podcast Host: Todd Uebele
Description by: Yilda Rivera

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