Guest Season 1

S1, Ep. 13: Rising From the Dust



What is like to free yourself from the chains of anxiety, hopelessness, depressive forces, and remorse? How do you free yourself from the chains that hold you down?

In “Rising from the Dust,” special guest Pastor Tolani Abike Adewole describes how, through multiple miscarriages and inability to retain pregnancies, she was scorned by family members due to her cultural upbringing. She was hurt and labeled by others. Tolani shares how she found in the Word of God the antidote to rise from the entanglements and systems we see ourselves in. She unpacks Isaiah 52:2: “Shake off your dust…Free yourself from the chains on your neck…”

After over 10 years of fighting lies of hopelessness by standing in God’s Word, Tolani conceived and is now blessed with 4 children. She rose from the dust of being called a barren woman and being scorned by her culture. She rose from the dust and broke the chains of despair by standing strong in a space where knowing who God is and who you are in God are the key to remove those chains. “It’s from that position when you begin to rise”—Tolani reveals.

Listen now to this encouraging and uplifting episode. Discover those traits of who God is that will bring you comfort; and see how you are favored, precious, and unconditionally loved. Remove the chains of despair and rise up.

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Special Guest: MoTolani Abike Adewole
Description by: Yilda Rivera
Podcast Host: Todd Uebele