Season 1

S1, Ep. 14: Don’t Give Up!



Has it seemed like your struggles have gone on for an eternity?

Don’t give up! God will get you through the fiercest storm and help you over the highest mountain…no matter how hard it gets, our God is greater…don’t give up!

Does it seem like your problems are an insurmountable mountain?

Don’t give up! Sometimes it can feel like simply hanging in there can be a mountain in and of itself. Don’t Give Up! God is bigger than any mountain you face! God WILL see you through. He will carry you when you need it. Don’t give up!

In this episode of Coffee With Jesus, Todd Uebele shares an example from the life of the prophet Elijah and expands on a simple yet profound statement made by Pastor Tolani in Episode 13.

Podcast Host: Todd Uebele