Bonus Episode Season 3

Special Episode: Coffee With Jesus Remembers 9/11



About 21 years ago, about this time, our host, Todd Uebele was sitting down to dinner onboard the USS Carl Vinson, somewhere in the middle of the Arabian Sea. One of the pilots there mentioned that a plane had hit one of the twin towers. At first, it was thought there a small plane, like a Cessna and an error by pilot.  As they were watching the news, however, our host saw the second plane strike.

A short while later, out on the flight deck as all planes were recovered and made “best speed” made going northward.  They had just relieved the Enterprise Battle Group, who were turned around and became part of our task force. Our host was immediately drafted to serve on the Admiral’s staff and watched as our Task Force doubled and then quadrupled in size.  He stood on the flag bridge and watched the very first planes launch for Operation Enduring Freedom.  A friend on a nearby cruiser sent over videos of the very first tomahawk launch.

While our host is very proud of what he did, it pales in comparison to the first responders and civilian volunteers who literally ran into danger. Firefighters, Police Officers, EMT’s, civilian volunteers. They are the real heroes and heroines. So many sacrificed themselves to help and save others.

Sometime after the terrorist attack (the first few weeks are all a blur), the Secretary of the Navy came to the Carl Vinson to address the crew. At the very end, when he looked around the hangar bay, he seemed to look at each crew member as he challenged them:  “Never Forget.”

Never Forget.

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