Season 3

S3, Ep. 12: A Plea For Love



How did a star, a word, and a 10-year-old girl prompt a profound plea for love?

In this episode of Coffee With Jesus, our host, Sara van Driel discusses what it means to lead in love. If we are not grounded in love, then we cannot lead in love. Sara also provides Bible passages about being grounded in love and what that love looks like.

Sara then proceeds to provide practical ways to apply those passages to our life based on her recent experience managing the frustration and anger associated with moving to a new place. She talks about how leading with love dissipated frustration and brought opportunities for connection.

When providing an example of how love and action go together, Sara brings us back to Jesus.  Everything Jesus did, He did in love. So, her plea for love is this: lead with love, lead for love, and lead in love.

Listen to this episode and learn how Sara started pondering the meaning of leading in love and how a star, a word, and a 10-year-old girl inspired our host to share her heart with us with a profound plea for love.

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Podcast host:  Sara van Driel
Description by: Yilda Rivera