Season 3

S3, Ep. 15: The Winter of Our Discontent



“Now is the winter of our discontent / Made glorious summer by this son…”

This winter has been a winter of discontent for our host, Todd Uebele. In this episode of Coffee With Jesus, he shares his discontent and how he was able to get through it and past it. Winter can be a tough time for a lot of people, but there is hope!

Join us as we bring you that hope, the hope we have in Christ Jesus. The hope that our Father in Heaven is always with us, never to leave us or forsake us. The hope that we can gain by bringing our problems to God.

Listen and experience the comfort that comes from the peace that transcends all understanding and let it guard your heart and your mind in Christ Jesus (Phil 4:7).

If you are going through your own winter of discontent and would like us to pray for you, please send us an email: We will pray for you and with you.

Podcast host:  Todd Uebele
Description by: Todd Uebele