Season 3

S3, Ep. 16: Lent – Acts of Service



Have you noticed that Coffee With Jesus has been releasing episodes more frequently lately?  Have you wondered why that is?

Typically, during Lent, people fast or give up something to focus on spiritual nourishment and growing closer to God. Our host, Todd Uebele, shares some ideas to practice during this season and how he implemented those in the past two years. He also describes how his past lent commitments helped him find peace and faith growth.

This year he felt that he needed to do something different—acts of service. And he’s calling you to help him be accountable in this mission.

Listen to this episode to see how after prayerful seeking, Todd felt called to do acts of service by investing extra time and effort in the mission of Coffee with Jesus—spreading love, hope, comfort, and encouragement throughout the Body of Christ. How is he planning to do that? Listen to this episode and find out.

Lent is a great time focus on your relationship with the Lord. It is our hope and our prayer that during this Lenten season, you will grow ever closer to Him. How are you celebrating Lent this year?  Listen to this episode and then drop us an email and share your Lent story.

Podcast host:  Todd Uebele
Description by: Yilda Rivera


Last year, we released an episode called, Lent – Give it up!