Season 3

S3, Ep. 22-23: Growing in Christ Jesus, Parts 1&2




In this episode of Coffee With Jesus, guest hosts Elizabeth Bristol and Christine Hobbs discuss practical ways to grow in your relationship with Jesus. Starting in Part 1, they talk about the three “C”s: Cannon, Communication and Commitment. Starting with Scripture, a Christian can get to know all about Christ. 

Next, in Part 2, they talk about the different ways you can here God. Starting with prayer, a Christian can get to know all about from our Father and our Savior.  It is important to learn everything we can about who our Savior is.

Then, as in any relationship, it is important to talk to Him. Sometimes it may be as simple as “help me!” and sometimes it may be a more in depth conversation. Regardless of how many words we use, it is important to talk to Him. Equally important is listening. To quiet ourselves and hear what Christ has to say.

Listen as Elizabeth and Christine share personal experiences from their own walk, and discover practical tips to grow in your own walk and relationship with Jesus Christ.

Elizabeth Bristol is a missionary/caretaker who wrote Mary Me: One Woman’s Incredible Adventure with God. She loves to help people grow closer to God so they can fulfill their destinies with Him. Join her spiritual adventure team at her website below.

Christine Hobbs is a wife, a mom, and a Bible teacher.

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Guest Host: Elizabeth Bristol
Guest Cohost: Christine Hobbs 
Description By: Todd Uebele

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