Season 4

S4, Ep. 12: Should We go to God First?




And now for something completely different.

No, this is not Monty Python, but this episode of Coffee With Jesus will be a little bit different from most. Typically, our hosts, guests and guest hosts will share testimonies of their trials and tribulations. They’ll talk about how God helped them through, carried them and strengthened them.

It is our hope, that in sharing these testimonies and showing you how God helped us, you will have the comfort and encouragement you need to make it through your own trials.

In this episode, our host is doing something different. He has recently experienced an event that will lead to a trial in his own personal life, and over this episode and a follow up or two, he’ll share, virtually real time, how God is helping him before, during and after the trial he is experiencing.

Listen as our host shares what is going on in his personal life. Join us on this journey as he tries trusting God from the beginning, knowing that God will take care of things now, just as God has always taken care of things in the past.


Podcast Host: Todd Uebele

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