Guest Season 2

S2, Ep. 7/8: God Meets You Where You Are, Parts 1 and 2



 “You never know Jesus is all you need until Jesus is all you have,”—Special Guest, Michele Dalton. 

Many see resilience as power from within. But after two major accidents that threatened her life, our guest, Michele Dalton, will show you how resilience is power from above when God meets you where you are. 

It was 1990, the night after Thanksgiving when a 1974 Ford Bronco hit Michelle’s car head-on while she was at a stop sign. The fallout over the next year was extraordinary.  After six months in a wheelchair, Michelle couldn’t find a job; she had no money; she couldn’t afford to go back to college, and debt engulfed her. 

Her faith in God and the power of worship comforted her and carried her through that season. With time and through God’s fingerprints—she will tell you what this means—she found an agency that saw great talent in her and trained her as a graphic designer. This opportunity opened a new career for her. 

Then in 2016, another car accident had her pinned to the passenger seat with a 2,500-pounds black Jeep Cherokee on her lap. In this accident, she never blacked out. Thus, the memory of it all made the experience more traumatic.  

She found herself again in pain and with doctors telling her that she was never going to walk. But once again, God came alongside her to face that struggle and turn hopelessness into strength, purpose, and direction. 

Michelle shares with us the short prayer she muttered during that second accident while waiting to be rescued: “Jesus, save us.” And He did. 

God met her where she was and restored her.

Listen to this episode and let Michele tell you how God stuck around her side and saw her through. Discover how God made beauty from the ashes. From the struggle, a new passion ignited in Michelle—writing. She’s now sowing hope and helping those who are dealing with isolation, disappointment, and depression to find the joy of the Lord.

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Podcast Host: Todd Uebele
Special Guest: Michele Pollock Dalton
Description by: Yilda Rivera