Season 2

S2, Ep. 9: Why Does God Allow Bad Things to Happen?



If God is an all-powerful God…

Why does God allow bad things to happen?

Yes. Our God is powerful, omniscient, and omnipresent. He can stop the rain. However, sometimes God allows the rain to continue.

But why?

Why would God allow his people to go through storms?

Listen to this episode to find out why God would allow his children to go through difficult times.

Our host, Todd, will share with us three different reasons and discuss each one of them in the light of the Scriptures.

Join Todd in this conversation and take heart… God is right there in the storm with you; He is your constant companion.

Podcast Host: Todd Uebele
Description By: Yilda Rivera

Guest Season 2

S2, Ep. 7/8: God Meets You Where You Are, Parts 1 and 2



 “You never know Jesus is all you need until Jesus is all you have,”—Special Guest, Michele Dalton. 

Many see resilience as power from within. But after two major accidents that threatened her life, our guest, Michele Dalton, will show you how resilience is power from above when God meets you where you are. 

It was 1990, the night after Thanksgiving when a 1974 Ford Bronco hit Michelle’s car head-on while she was at a stop sign. The fallout over the next year was extraordinary.  After six months in a wheelchair, Michelle couldn’t find a job; she had no money; she couldn’t afford to go back to college, and debt engulfed her. 

Her faith in God and the power of worship comforted her and carried her through that season. With time and through God’s fingerprints—she will tell you what this means—she found an agency that saw great talent in her and trained her as a graphic designer. This opportunity opened a new career for her. 

Then in 2016, another car accident had her pinned to the passenger seat with a 2,500-pounds black Jeep Cherokee on her lap. In this accident, she never blacked out. Thus, the memory of it all made the experience more traumatic.  

She found herself again in pain and with doctors telling her that she was never going to walk. But once again, God came alongside her to face that struggle and turn hopelessness into strength, purpose, and direction. 

Michelle shares with us the short prayer she muttered during that second accident while waiting to be rescued: “Jesus, save us.” And He did. 

God met her where she was and restored her.

Listen to this episode and let Michele tell you how God stuck around her side and saw her through. Discover how God made beauty from the ashes. From the struggle, a new passion ignited in Michelle—writing. She’s now sowing hope and helping those who are dealing with isolation, disappointment, and depression to find the joy of the Lord.

Take a look at Michele’s FREE Hope For the Holidays Book Series. 

Don’t forget to visit Michele’s YouTube Channel.

Podcast Host: Todd Uebele
Special Guest: Michele Pollock Dalton
Description by: Yilda Rivera

Season 2

S2, Ep. 6: Are We in the End Times?



Are we in the end times?  

Join us as our host, Todd Uebele, guides us through this topic introducing the different schools of interpretation for Biblical eschatology. Then he takes us to Matthew 24:14-23 and Revelation 6:6. He then provides two key pointers to help us determine if we are in the end times:

  • Look at the scale of events around us. 
  • Examine the history where we are. 

Our host gives us a glimpse of the birth pains that Jesus mentioned in Matthew 24 and of the seven seals in the book of Revelation. He discusses some events and where we are right now in the light of the Scriptures. One point of emphasis he makes: even though nobody knows the time or the hour of Jesus’ return, we know that He will return.  

So, are we in the end times?  

No matter how we answer this question, the implication is… Where do we go from here? 

For the elect, Jesus’ followers, keep sharing in love the good news of the Gospel with those who are not followers; be watchful and ready. For those who are not yet followers, there is still HOPE. There’s a refreshing gift of salvation, peace, and joy that Jesus already paid for. 

Podcast Host: Todd Uebele
Description by: Yilda Rivera

Season 2

S2, Ep. 5: Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?



Every year, the same question gets asked. Every year, the same debate rages: Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?

Join us as host Todd Uebele explains the history behind Halloween and it’s traditions. Comparing it to other Holidays, such as Christmas and Easter, he addresses the pagan customs and the origins of this widely celebrated and very popular Holiday.

After describing the history, Todd takes us through the Bible to search for the answer to the question that burns on everyone’s mind in October: Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?

Podcast Host: Todd Uebele

Season 2

S2, Ep. 4: God on the Fly



How does fly fishing relate to our life in Christ?

Join us in God on the Fly, as our hosts Rick and Sarah reflect on what fly fishing taught them about God and loving others. The serenity they experience in fly fishing allows them to connect with the majesty of God, and the interaction with the fish speaks to them about how to value and be sensitive to the people around us. They both relate those fly-fishing experiences to their day-to-day life in their Christian journey.

Accompany Sarah as she takes you on a guided fly-fishing trip in Montana. She was looking for the opportunity to quiet her mind and center herself rather than catching a lot of fish. As she connected with nature, she got less concerned about the perfect casting technique and let the fishing rod do the work. That was when she caught the most fish. Similarly, in our walk with Christ, we need to take time to be still, let go of control, and let God do the work in us. She recalls Psalm 46:10, “Be still, and know that I am God.”

Contemplate the ripples in the water with Rick. Those ripples remind him that beneath the surface of people, a lot is going on that we don’t know. Rick talks about the need for us to be sensitive to other people’s ripples and how to cast and share our true hope with them in love.

Listen to this episode and take delight as you navigate with our hosts through vivid stories of how they found the beauty in fly fishing, which is all about interacting with the fish rather than about throwing the perfect cast. In the same way, there is not a perfect technique to be fishers of men. We only need to love others as God loves us and look for the interaction.

Let’s be still, seek those ripples, cast, and let God do the work through us.

Podcast Host: Rick Schuette
Podcast Co-host: Sara Van Driel
Description by: Yilda Rivera

Guest Season 2

S2, Ep 3: Flying Free



How can we taste God’s comfort amid anxiety, depression, and pain?

In Fly Away Free, our host interviews a very special guest; Ruth Fanshaw, poet, and author of the book Fly Away Free, Poems for Pilgrim Hearts. She has a neuroimmune condition and shares how in two occasions she battled anxiety, depression, and suicide thoughts. She narrates how she experienced God’s comfort and how God’s comfort allowed her to create poetry to comfort others.

“3 Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, 4 who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves receive from God.” (2 Corinthians 1:3-4, NIV)

Many times, Ruth couldn’t feel God’s presence through her emotional turmoil; but somehow, she always knew that Jesus was there with her. She was certain of God’s character and the unchanging nature of his promises. This knowledge carried her during those difficult times and provided healing and comfort enough to create within her an overflowing well of joy and praise through poetry. 

Join us as Ruth also delights us with two of her poems. Listen now, and find your own rainbow—the hope of God’s promises that always remain.

Ruth’s Book is available now on Amazon. Click here to purchase!

Check out Ruth’s website too!

Podcast Host: Todd Uebele
Special Guest: Ruth Fanshaw
Description by: Yilda Rivera

Bonus Episode Season 2

Special Episode: 9/11 – Never Forget



Please join Coffee With Jesus for a few moments as we commemorate the 20th Anniversary of 9/11.

Audio is from a video recorded outside. For the full video, please see our YouTube channel.

Podcast Host: Todd Uebele

Season 2

S2, Ep 2: How to Recover From Rock Bottom, Part 2



Just when you thought it was safe to release a podcast…

We’re gonna need a bigger mic…

Soon after releasing the first episode of Season 2, world events caused our host, Todd Uebele, to experience the same flood of negative emotions that he talked about in the newly released podcast episode. He struggled with feelings of guilt, betrayal, anxiety and anger.

The horrible events and negative emotions brought on by those world events, threated to cause a downward spiral in Todd’s emotional well-being. However, by trusting in God, he was not only able to overcome the negative emotions that had threated to overwhelm him, but he was also able to help others as well.

Join us in “How to Recover From Rock Bottom, Part 2” as Todd not only shares his struggles, but shares how we can use our struggles to help others.

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Podcast Host: Todd Uebele

Season 2

S2, Ep 1: How to Recover From Rock Bottom



Do you ever feel like God isn’t with you? Sometimes, when going through life’s storms, it can be hard to feel God’s presence. However, He has promised to never leave us or forsake us. When you have hit Rock Bottom, it can seem like God has left you, but our Lord will NEVER abandon you.

One of God’s biggest promises is that He will never leave us. God is with us in our times of plenty, and He is with us in our time of need. No matter what you may be going through, no matter what storm you are facing, God is with you. No storm, circumstance or need can overcome God’s love for you, or separate you from His awesome power.

Join us for the inaugural episode of our second season and listen as Todd Uebele shares with you real, practical steps that you can take to turn over your anger, your anxiety, your fear, to God. Todd shares how God helped him recover from rock bottom and shows you how God can help YOU recover from rock bottom as well.

Podcast Host: Todd Uebele

Season 2

S2, Trailer: We’re Back! Season 2, A New Day



Do you have burning questions that you would like to see answered? Are there certain topics in the Bible that you would like to see explored? Then you’re in luck! That’s right, we’re back! Season 2 of Coffee With Jesus Premiers on 23 August, 2021!

The format of the second season will change a little, but the overall mission of Coffee With Jesus remains the same: Providing hope, comfort and encouragement to the body of Christ. Thank you all for the warmth and support that you have provided. I’m very excited to get going on season two. Please send in your questions and we can walk this journey together.

Mark your calendars! 23 August, 2021! See you then!

Podcast Host: Todd Uebele